AutoCAD is a software application that is essentially a computer-aided design used for designing and drafting 2D and 3D drawings. It was first launched in 1982 as a desktop application and as a mobile web-based application since 2010. AutoCAD is used for various purposes from creating a simple diagram/drawing to managing the entire set of drawings to create architecturally sound and attractive presentations. It is a widely used tool in mechanical and civil engineering, architecture sector making it the world’s no.1 computer-aided design.

CODE IT has been providing AutoCAD training to students and professionals from various sectors who need to work with computer-aided design. The main objective of auto cad training is to develop proficiency in the use of Architectural / Engineering oriented computer application software. A student should be able to utilize basic drafting functions in AutoCAD and other design-related software. This is furnished by providing students practical knowledge to students so that they will be able to develop skills and methods to recognize the best tool for a particular task and to use that tool efficiently to accomplish the task.


Since there are many training centers that claim to provide professional classes for AutoCAD Training in Nepal. In those circumstances, it becomes very confounding to students in selecting the best institute for AutoCAD Training in Purwanchal, Nepal. However, we urge learners to find out the effectiveness of the course syllabus designed. Our AutoCAD course syllabus initially prepares students to set up, create and edit designs developed using 2D techniques. As soon as learners get skilled in 2D drawings, the instructor will move on to 3D designing techniques. All of the advanced techniques are taught during the AutoCAD training course. Moreover, after the completion of training students are involved in creating Projects in AutoCAD. Instructors will be available for supervision throughout their project development period. Affordable course fees, advance course syllabus and professional trainers are what keeps us among the top choice for AutoCAD Training Institute in Purwanchal Nepal.


Autocad classes are conducted for a duration of 2 months during which we follow the step-by-step approach to learn AutoCAD, starting with basic tools. Students will be given ample time and resources to master the basic skills like creating and editing simple drawing and then only we will move on to more advanced tools. Advance knowledge and practice tools like exploring efficiency tools, complex objects, and external reference, advance plotting will be discussed and practiced at length to develop sound theoretical and practical knowledge.

Training Modes

CODE IT provides AutoCAD course training in various modes and plans.

  • Regular
  • Fast Track
  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Workshop(Saturday 4 hours)
  • Online

We normally arrange a free trial class so that you can decide to join our Autocad Training course. So, visit our computer training center in Dharan or dial 025525163 or 9862130505 to know more details.


The objective of AutoCAD training is to create basic 2D and 3D drawings and design using AutoCAD software. This is a fundamental course; however, at this level too, learning AutoCAD is a challenging one. So we have developed a model that uses theoretical knowledge and application of that knowledge. A wide variety of examples and practices are taken from real-world working scenarios.

After the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Be able to use basic commands required in professional 2D and 3D drawing, design and drafting.
  • Create dimensioned drawings.
  • Use the navigation menu, locate and apply features of AutoCAD.
  • Explore and use efficiency tools, create complex objects, use advance plotting.
  • Use tools and techniques for the use and reuse of drawing and design.
  • Plot diagram using appropriate tools.


AutoCAD course has been specially designed for students and professionals who need to work with AutoCAD for various architectural, design and drawing purposes. However, this course starts from a fundamental base, so it is highly beneficial for all types of people who need or intend to work with AutoCAD.

  • Students of various engineering disciplines
  • Professionals intending to upgrade their knowledge
  • Students appearing in certification exams of AutoCAD programs.
  • Project manager, procurement officers who don’t have a prior working knowledge of computer-aided design

Prerequisites: Students enrolling in this course are expected to have sound working knowledge of Operating systems (MS Windows) and MS word. This is a fundamental course for AutoCAD so basic knowledge of basic design methodology and terminology is preferred.

Syllabus for Auto CAD

# AutoCAD – 2D

  1. Familiar with AutoCAD Tools
  2. Architectural Drawing
  • Location Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan, Opening Schedule
  • Elevation
  • Sectional Elevation
  1. Structural Drawing
  • Trench Plan
  • Footing Plan
  • Footing Section
  • Column Layout Plan
  • Base, Strap, Floor beam Plan
  • Base, Strap, Floor beam Section
  • Top Bar Reinforcement & Bottom Bar Reinforcement Detail of Slab
  • Slab Section
  • Reinforcement Details
  • Section of Staircase
  • Lapping Details
  • Septic Tank, Soak Pit , Water Reservoir Pit Details
  • Sill, Lintel, Parapet Details
  1. Documentation Final Design
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