Google Sketchup Training in Nepal

The training course on Sketchup is primarily targeted at professional designer and architects in architecture, engineering and construction industry. However, any individual with keen interest in designing buildings and other structures digitally can pursue Sketchup training to develop and enhance their professional design skills. The sketchup training course offers the understanding and skills of 3D designing for architecture, construction, engineering, urban planning, 3D printing, game design, event stage design, interior design etc. Thus, Sketchup has got wider scope that is enough to allure the individuals to pursue career in professional designing using digital resources

Why Sketchup Training

  • Sketchup provides one of the world’s largest libraries of 3D models
  • You don’t have to design everything from scratch
  • There are various add-ons available to customize your 3D designs
  • You can upload your 3D designs in Sketchup’s 3D warehouse and earn global recognition
  • You get to learn how to build complex construction using simple components
  • Round the clock community support from professional designers in construction, architecture, engineering and entertainment industry
  • Earning opportunity by offering and implementing Sketchup expertise to delight clients
  • Wider career scope as Sketchup training enhances your design skills in multiple domains

Benefits of Google Sketchup Training in Nepal

  • Chances of facing challenges that are available in Google
  • Job opportunities after being qualified
  • Chances of interning or working in international companies

Benefits of Google Sketchup Training at CODE IT

  • Highly experienced Sketchup experts as instructors.
  • Availability of training equipment.
  • Affordable training cost
  • Career counseling is offered before beginning or after completing the training.

Pre-requisites for Google Sketchup Training

There is no pre-requisite for Google Sketchup training. However, basic knowledge about Google apps will be a plus,.

Google SketchUp Training Syllabus Outline

 Sketch UP – 3D

  1. Familiar with Sketch UP
  2. Import & Export
  3. Groups & Components
  4. Layer & Realistic Materials
  5. Build Design
  6. Standard Views and Scenes
  7. Simple Animation
  8. Print Images
  9. Familiar with Rendering Software
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