Course Overview

Data Introduction

  • Introduction to dart programming language
  • Types, syntaxes, classes in dart
  • Object-oriented programming with dart
  • Constructors in dart.

Staying on Target with Dart

  • Making a small application with dart itself. A card game, where players can shuffle, draw, remove cards with the use of object-oriented programming.
  • A more look at object-oriented programming design flow
  • Methods
  • Loops
  • Lists
  • Named parameters etc.

App Building with Flutter

  • Introduction to flutter
  • App overview
  • Design process
  • Displaying content on the screen
  • Creating and using custom widgets

State Design with Flutter

  • Stateful vs stateless widgets
  • Build method
  • Refactoring stateless and stateful widgets.

Http Request with flutter

  • Working with json
  • Casting json to model instances
  • Function references
  • Issuing http requests
  • Working with dart futures
  • Building list of widgets

Forms and validation with flutter

  • Creating the login screen
  • Handling input types
  • Form validation
  • Global key referencing
  • Retrieving form values
  • Submitting the form
  • Code reuse with mixin
  • Mixin validator implementation

Reactive Programming with Dart

  • Streams by analogy
  • Implementing stream listener
  • Adding stream transformer
  • Validation with streams

Advance Flutter Architecture – The BLOC Pattern

  • BLOC vs stateful widgets
  • The purpose of BLOC
  • BLOC design for text fields
  • Issues with BLOC access
  • Improving the BLOC API
  • Validator transformer
  • Cleaning up the controllers
  • BLOC application

Consuming BLOC Data

  • The stream builders
  • Scoped BLOC approach
  • Provider implementation
  • Providers in action
  • Accessing the BLOC

Rx Dart for Reactive Programming

  • Introduction to Rx dart
  • Combine latest in Rx dart
  • Interpreting stream values
  • Broadcast streams
  • Replacing controllers by subjects
  • Review of BLOC

Building Delightful Animation

  • Animation library classes
  • Stateful widgets for animation
  • Widget structure
  • The ticker provider
  • Tweens with curves
  • Performing saving with animation builder
  • Nature of animation
  • Observing the use interaction
  • Order of drawing widgets
  • Tween ranges
  • Working with widget rotation
  • Box animation
  • Animated builder

Performant Dart Fetching

  • API challenges
  • API performance strategy
  • API provider implementation

Testing with Flutter

  • Testing with dart
  • Writing expectations
  • Mocking http requests 

Offline Data Storage

  • SQLite data provider
  • Creating database connections
  • Creating tables with SQLite
  • Issuing queries
  • Massaging database returning maps
  • Implementing the repository
  • Casting lists and type annotation

Type Design

  • Abstract classes
  • Repository interface design
  • Using source and cache
  • Ultimate reusability

On Demand Widget Rendering

  • Data fetching concerns
  • Future builders
  • Problems with stream builder and its solution
  • Implementing scan stream transformer
  • Adding items to the controller
  • Stream subscription
  • Adding streams
  • Refactoring streams
  • Debugging with flutter
  • Conflicts with database and it’s solution
  • Long lived cache values
  • Swipe to refresh implementation

Navigation with Flutter

  • Navigation in flutter
  • Different types of routing
  • Parsing route settings
  • Recursive data fetching
  • Testing recursive data fetching
  • Widget stylings
  • Recursive rendering

Basic Git Classes

  • Creating a repository on GitHub
  • Pushing local changes into the repository
  • Pulling and cloning projects from the repository
  • Resolving merge conflicts

More on Architecture

  • Introduction to scoped model architecture
  • Working with scoped model

App Publishing

  • Publishing the app to App store
  • Publishing the app to Google play store

Miscellaneous Work

  • Working with connectivity
  • Working with location and google maps
  • Working with camera
  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Multipart form requests
  • Creating a custom library and publishing it under pub
  • Code refactoring shortcuts

Project Work

At the end of the course, a project work is handed to the students.

Duration:4 Months


















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