Learn Mobile Apps Development

Learn Mobile Apps Development

CODE IT providing the latest in-demand course, Flutter, in Nepal. Flutter is gaining a lot of popularity for those who are interested in developing interfaces for iOS as well as Android. The interfaces are built using the Dart programming language. Moreover, Flutter can be integrated with iOS and Android code bases that are already existent.

First released on December 4, 2018 by Google, Flutter is an open-source mobile application development Software Development Kit (SDK). As mentioned earlier, Flutter is used to develop applications supported by both iOS and Android. Also, flutter is the foremost and primary method for designing of Google Fuchsia applications. Many developers find it easier to use Flutter as it makes re-use of existing codes possible.

Benefits of Flutter Training

After successful completion of Flutter course, the candidates make themselves competent to develop applications for both iOS and Android. The candidates find opportunities in positions like:

  • iOS Application Developer
  • Android Application Developer

The course ensures that the professionals are prepared to:

  • Analyze the requirements for app development in iOS and Android
  • Develop necessary features for applications for both
  • Implement and test the applications that have been developed

Benefits of Flutter Training at CODE IT

  • Certified and experienced instructors
  • International standard course
  • Facilitation for certification exam
  • Internship and full-time recruitment opportunities
  • Affordable and updated training course
  • Online classes

Pre-requisites for Flutter Framework Training

There are no pre-requisites for taking a course of Flutter. However, basic knowledge in Android and iOS application development would surely be a plus for any candidate.

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