This training is designed for entry level, mid level accounting professionals and any individuals willing to learn Tally software for their company’s basic accounting management. We offer fully career-oriented Tally software training in Nepal to help trainees transform themselves into competent accounting professionals. After the completion of this special accounting training, the trainees will add one of the most important skill sets to their portfolio to excel further in accounting career.

Course Syllabus

Company info

  • Create/Modify/Delete Company
  • Change password

Account Info

  • Create/Modify/Delete Account Group
  • Create/Modify/Delete Account Ledger
  • Inventory Info
  • Create Simple/Compound Unit of Measure
  • Create/Modify/Delete Stock Group
  • Create/Modify/Delete Sock Item

Voucher Entry (Trade Business)

  • Purchase/Sales
  • Receipt/Payment
  • Contra
  • Journal

Return Voucher

  • Purchase/Sales Return
  • Other Return

Order Processing

  • Purchase Order/Receipt Note
  • Sales Order/Delivery Note

POS Invoice

Voucher Entry Manufacturing

  • Purchase Raw Material
  • Finished Goods Products (BOM)
  • Sales
  • Multi Price Level (Wholesaler/Retailer)
  • Go down Transfer

Voucher Entry (Medical Store)

  • Batch, Mfg., Expire Date
  • Purchase/Sales

Voucher Entry (Others)

  • Multi-Currency
  • Cost Centers
  • Interest Calculation
  • Actual and Billed quantity
  • Separate Discount column in sales/purchase invoice

Modify/Delete/Insert/Copy Voucher


  • Backup/Restore
  • Security Control
  • User Maintain
  • Year Ending


  • Day Book
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Cash Flow
  • Funds Flow
  • Ledger
  • Purchase/Sales Register
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Other Report

Many more practical idea of successful related to Accounting and Business




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